Saturday, September 17, 2011

Robert Blake- Rough Idea to Presentable Sketch

These session notes were taken by Wanda Collins Johnson

This session about the importance of keeping a sketchbook was full to the brim with pictures, examples, stories from his own adventures as an illustrator, his writing process, and lots of wonderful advice!

Some highlights from the session

  • I draw in my sketchbook every day and do a lot of practice drawing. That's how you get better!
  • A sketchbook is your private space where you can screw up and make mistakes. 
  • Be absolutely authentic. That's the best advice I can give you. 
  • Every one of you has the germ of some really amazing idea.
  • Do not go in with a buddy who does writing or illustrating. Don't offer a package of the two of you together on a book. The exception to this rule? If you do the writing/illustrating yourself
  • Going on location to research a book is the only way to get certain details.
  • You gotta trust yourself

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