Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elizabeth Dulemba: Technology and the Future of Books

A Brief History of Apps and Technology Reading

As one of the first author/illustrators published as an app (Lula's Brew), Elizabeth Dulemba presents both (brief and fascinating) history of reading via technology. 

E-book- flowing text. This is not ideal for picture books because there is no fixed layout (due to the ability to change size of font etc.) E-books are mostly text based books. 

Apps- a piece of software...for picture books it can be used to change colors, create mazes, etc. 

Apps are a much different format than ebooks.  

She presented a history of children's book apps, from Miss Spider's Tea Party (2010) to The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (May 2011). 

Some tips for illustrators:
* Artists need to work with technology and sound experts. 
* most developers are not accepting submissions, yet. 
*best for out of print books. 

Check out her website for great resources and information! 

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