Saturday, September 17, 2011

Michelle Poploff: The Write Place at the Right Time

Michelle Poploff, Vice President, Executive Editor at Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers (Random House) presented The Write Place at the Right Time.

Michelle is a fan of fabulous historical fiction. She has published books by several authors based on their families’ experiences.

Two debut novels Michelle published by authors she met at regional SCBWI conferences are:
GONE FROM THESE WOODS by Donny Bailey Seagraves

Michelle says, “These authors were able to bring a strong sense of time and place to the story.”

Michelle published 2011 Newbery Medal Winner, MOON OVER MANIFEST by Clare Vanderpool. The book was the author’s debut novel and is based on family stories.

She encourages writers to explore family history, travels, and other resources for your next story.

Michelle says, “You never know when you’ll be walking into a story that only you can tell.”

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  1. Michele,

    I'm reading "Gone From These Woods," and from this book I already see where and how I can improve my own writing. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention.

    I'm still ruminating over your question about why my story set in 1933 Florida isn't a middle-grade novel. I don't know if there's such a thing as a "between" category -- a book that appeals to both middle-grade and YA -- but mine may be one of those.

    Thank you for your examples of the importance of time and place in a story. I will be one of the first purchasers of "Precious Bones" when it comes available next year.