Saturday, September 17, 2011

Erin Murphy: Get the Heck out of Your Own Way

Erin hosted a smaller session for a limited group of writers.

Erin advises her clients to be aware of their own strengths. Make lists of your strengths so they can look back at the when they think there is no way. What is your strength in writing an illustrating? What positive attributes do you have? What resources do you have around you? If your friends/family/critique partner answered these questions about you, what would they say?

Find and constantly be open to revising your creative process.

What is your ideal process?
How can you make your current process more like your ideal process?

Discipline and Routine can be friends OR enemies. Assumptions about how you must do things can actually hold you back.

Give yourself permission to write a lot of crap and figure it out as you go.

“Part of what I do as an agent is get things to the point where an editor can see themselves making it into a book.”

Set small goals along the way because that's where steps are taken.

Erin hosted a wonderful, interactive session that welcomed audience contribution.

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  1. "Give yourself permission to write a lot of crap and figure it out as you go."


    And thank you for this nugget. Though the advice is in some of the books-on-writing, hearing it from you made it real. It's like getting a "hall pass" for writing my next chapter, and the next, and the next.

    Daniel Rousseau